Product Recall

Product Recall - Oceanic Sea Breeze, 3.5 g, dried cannabis product

As a precautionary measure, Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc. is voluntarily recalling one lot of Oceanic Sea Breeze, 3.5 g, dried cannabis product due to mislabeling of cannabinoid values (lot number 517004001, packaged on November 26, 2020). The affected product was distributed between December 07, 2020 and December 21, 2020. Please note that there is no risk to the health and safety of customers.

Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc. is instructing the customers who received the affected cannabis product lot to contact them directly at 1-855-245-1259. To date, Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc. and Health Canada have not received any complaints related to the recalled lot. Neither Health Canada nor Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc. have received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product lot.

Brand Name Product Name Lot Number Product Size Packaged On Printed Values Actual Values
Oceanic Sea Breeze 517004001 3.5 g November 26, 2020 Total THC: 207.7 mg/g
THC: 1.9 mg/g
Total CBD: 0.7 mg/g
CBD: <0.1 mg/g
Total THC: 162.7 mg/g
THC: 2.0 mg/g
Total CBD: 0.5 mg/g
CBD: <0.1 mg/g

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