Reef Organic™

Reef Organic™ cannabis is a line of premium, certified organic cannabis products that are cultivated and manufactured in Nova Scotia. Brought to you by Canada’s 2020 Grower of the Year, our process starts with careful genetic selection, grown in small indoor batches, using a unique cultivation practice which combines aquaculture and living soil which is free of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. All flower is processed with an extended cold dry, and is hand finished, graded, weighed and sensory tested by humans who love cannabis before release. You can expect rich terpene profiles, dense bud structures with large and plentiful trichomes, high consistency, potency and moisture levels, as well as a clean burn with white ash. All Reef Organic cannabis products are certified by Clean Green as organically grown and processed. Our extracts, edibles and topicals use organic and all-natural inputs, and are carefully formulated in small craft batches to ensure product quality and consistency.

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