Liiv 1:1 10mg Capsules - Liiv 1:1 10mg Capsules
Liiv 1:1 10mg Capsules - Liiv 1:1 10mg Capsules


Liiv 1:1 10mg Capsules

Capsules $31.29
  • Plant Type

  • CBD

    5 mg/Capsule
  • THC

    5 mg/Capsule


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More About This Product

Earthy, musk, & woody.

Plant Type Blend
THC 5 mg/Capsule
CBD 5 mg/Capsule
Product Class Capsules
Terpenes Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Linalool
Allergens None
Brands Liiv
Province Ontario
Organic No
Growing Methods Green House
Dried Equivalency 2.5g
Total Package Volume (ml) 6
SKU 50512

How do I use this safely?

When consuming Cannabis, it’s common to use one of the following methods listed here.

Image for Method: ingest

Method: ingest

The gradual nature of the digestion process accounts for the longer effects of this method of consumption. Factors such as the amount of food consumed prior to intake, strength of product, and a person’s metabolism influence the overall experience.

Image for Method: Sublingual

Method: Sublingual

Sublingual delivery, applied by a liquid dropper under the tongue, provides rapid effects similar to smoking without exposing the lungs to heat, tar, or other unwanted collateral effects.

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